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New features

1. New Cutwise player. What's new:

  • Video player is redesigned from scratch with new GUI.
  • Progressive video loading. Now video starts playing 5x faster.
  • Significantly improved playback speed on mobile and tablet devices.
  • The main functions of player can be controlled from keyboard now.
  • Enhanced 3D and fullscreen video quality.
  • Modifications of video background auto detection.

Some player features can be unavailable until April, 25 while all media in Cutwise will be updated.

2. Cutwise Widget.  Embed diamonds' movies to external websites. 

Any registered Cutwise clients can use Cutwise player now and show a movie from Cutwise Platform on their website pages, forum messages, online-presentations.

Documentation: Cutwise Widget

Major bugfixes and improvements

1. New metric on Cutwise – Face-up Brightness. Brightness metric calculated on frame with diamond face up position estimates diamond brightness property for most typical geometry condition. This metric doesn't consider pattern fluctuations when tilting.

2. Links to board display presets. You can use one board collection and several links for different view of the board. For example: – link to fire metrics view. – link to fluorescence metrics view. – link to brilliance metrics view.

3. Change StoneID from interface. 

Minor bugfixes and improvements

1. Autoplay on public boards.

2. New filters for diamond and rough listing. 

Filter 1. Contains rough or recut diamond info

Filter 2. Contains produced polished diamonds info

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