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New features

1. Page with diamond collections. 

2. New features to view and analyze stone images: 

  • grayscale mode;
  • fullscreen and theater modes to view the stone image in high quality;
  • control the main functions of player from keyboard;
  • improvements of magnifier for detailed view of the stone.

This feature available on Cutwise Widget now.

3. Magnifier for detailed view on product and compare pages for videos. You can drag the video while using magnifier. This feature available on Cutwise Widget now.  

Major bugfixes and improvements

1. Side-by-side video viewing function on the comparison page for videos and images (including 3D mode for 3Dtv devices). 

2. Fixed bug with Live Photo wrong exposure on stone page for HDR-based DiBox 2.0 videos.

Minor bugfixes and improvements

1. “Fluorescence Dark” and “Pavilion Fluorescence Dark” presets were added to stone page. 

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