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Most consumers want a sparkly big clear and colorless (or intense color) diamond. An added-value diamond faces up better in all those respects than other diamonds with similar lab grades. Grading reports don’t help make that distinction, not even for experts.

Why do some diamonds offer added-value?

  • The color grade is set from the pavilion view. A high performance cut adds value by improving face up color and Cutwise makes it easy to find buyers for added-value diamonds.
  • Within a clarity grade there are better and worse stones. An SI1 can be eye clean, but be hazy and dull, or it can have visible spots near the edge that can be hidden by prongs. A smart cut can add value by making it harder to spot inclusions from face up. Cutwise helps buyers find diamonds that are better than the cert indicates.
  1. Color in colorless diamonds

    Both diamonds below are H color but anyone can see the high performance cut on the right has better face up color.

    Example: Cushion H SI2Cushion H SI1 

  2. Color addition in fancy colored diamonds

    Compare these two Fancy Yellow Cushions. Although both diamonds have the same grade, the one on the right has more intense color. Showing premium buyers actual diamond performance and beauty on the Cutwise platform helps sell fancy colored diamonds with added cut value.

    Examples: Fancy Color list

  3. Clarity surplus

    Smart cutting can result in well disguised inclusions, like this SI2 marquise, with a feather perpendicular to the table.Compare it to the round diamond next to it; both have GIA SI2 grades but the round is a low SI2 with worse appearance.

    Examples: Clarity Samples

  4. Spread - diamond size, not weight

    Consumers do not know that diamonds of the same weight have different spreads, or face up size, and size is important! Different cuts have vastly different spreads. Cutwise is the only platform that gives buyers spread, and it is listed in percentage as well as plus or minus weight. Consumer and trade buyers will always pay more for a bigger looking diamond.

Examples: Spread demonstration 

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