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09.06.2016 - new DiamCalc 3.3.34 (build 690) is released.

  1. A novel method of protection is introduced. You may see the following error messages during the program startup:
    1. Unable to access HASP SRM Run-time Environment. You may need install newer hasp device driver.
      Solution: Download and update the hasp device drivers from the DiamCalc download page.
    2. Feature not found. You may need to update hasp key firmware (H0031).
      Solution: Please update the hasp key firmware using the update utility. Before starting firmware update process please close all the programs and any special tools that may affect the normal work of the HASP USB device driver.
  2. The users of DiamCalc Pro should update the protection license on their HASP keys, otherwise they might not be able to use the features of the Pro version.
    To update the protection license, the user should perform the following steps:
    1. Click Help, then click About DiamCalc while simultaneously pressing the Shift key.

      The About DiamCalc window will open. Note the image of a HASP key.

    2. Left-click the image. A window prompting you to save the *.c2v file will appear.

    3. Save the *.c2v file and send it to your distributor. You will receive the new protection license together with the update instructions.


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