Here you can find information about what is new in DiamCalc version 3.4.21.

On this page:

Remove quality mark for Av. metrics

On the Cut Quality panel, for the Av.brightness and metrics, the quality marks have been removed. Non-estimated metrics will be displayed as follows:

Number of Ray Reflections Settings

The default value for the number of ray reflections for the Intencity calculation is set to 12.

At the same time, the Pattern calculation parameter influence on the OPTICS is adjusted.

Visualize Model Concavity

Model concavity is now visualized with contrast colors (orange on the picture below):

Fixed Problems and Improvements

The following fixes for the known problems and improvements have been implemented:

  • The problem with button File/Report (Export to Word) not opening the report has been solved.
  • Some other minor fixes and improvements have been made.
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