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Hue adjustment

Hue shift should be adjusted separately for all required lightings. Use adjust hue button in top panel.


Settings menu can be activated by Ctrl+Alt+S shortcut or with settings button in top right corner 

Image enhancement options can be adjusted in settings now.



Crop should be adjusted for faster image processing. Crop can be set only before any image is captured. It's saved after program restarts. It's recommended to use same crop for all data.

Use crop panel to start crop selection (before first image in the project was shoot).

Select image area.

Image Basis

Image basis tool appeared to adjust model position on photo for diagram image creation. 

Load model and press Fit To Contour button for initial estimate. Rotation angles can be adjusted manually. 

Model position can be shifted and scaled with drag-and-drop.


  1. Canon SDK was updated to support Canon 750D
  2. Battery indicator repeats the camera's indicator behavior
  3. White balance is adjusted in LV now (same as ViBox)


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