Here you can find information about what is new in Carbon Compass version 1.3.5.

This version is available for download from the Octonus official web site.

On this page:

Girdle Stage - Ability to Finish Stage at Allowance Depth

As the "Girdle" stage may include a lot of steps, it may be tedious to manually switch from step to step to complete them one by one. To solve this, now for the "Girdle" stage, it is possible to finish the entire stage (all steps simultaneously) at the allowance depth.

To do this:

  • In the G1 Galahad or Compass mode, right-click the "Girdle" stage and then select Finish Stage at allowance depth.

    The actual cut of all (remaining) steps is set to the left border of the allowance area. The stage is finished.

Steps and Stages - Allowance Editing

It is now possible to edit the Allowance defined during stage generation. The Allowance can be edited both for stages and for separate steps.

To edit allowance for a step:

  1. Right-click the step and then from the context menu select Edit Step. The edit panel is displayed.
  2. In the edit panel, set the new Depth.
  3. Click Apply. The new allowance depth is set for the step.

You can do the same for the stage. Note that if some steps of the stage have their own changed allowance, applying a new value for the stage will reset all steps, the corresponding warning is displayed:

Compass Mode - Automatic Set of Actual Cut

In  Compass mode, now on clicking the Check polished facet and proceed to next step button, the actual cut is automatically set to the current depth.

The current depth slider must be in a non-zero position (not at the far left) - otherwise the Check polished facet and proceed to next step button will not work and the warning will be displayed.

Fixed Problems and Improvements

The following fixes for the known problems and improvements are implemented:

  • The system crash in rare cases on building a "Girdle" stage is fixed.

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