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Video | Smart Recut Algorithm - Improved Usage of Extra Facets
Last Updated:2019, April 8v.2.5

Video summary:

  • The Allow Girdle Extra Facets option of “13. SmartRecut (Brilliant, Oval)” algorithm

  • Before version 4.8.20: sometimes for the rough stones extra facets were not created in spite of the Allow Girdle Extra Facets option selected

  • Starting from version 4.8.20: if the creation of girdle extra facets is possible and the Allow Girdle Extra Facets option is selected, they will be always created

  • Result: we obtain the maximum mass caused by using the girdle extra facets

  • An appraiser controls limitations for the quantity of allowed girdle extra facets by the GirdleCrownExtraFacets and GirdlePavilionExtraFacets parameters

Video keywords: girdle extra facets, smart recut, allow girdle extra facets, rough stones, GirdleCrownExtraFacets, GirdlePavilionExtraFacets
Published in:Release Notes

2018.12.25 - HPOxygen Server 4.8.20

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