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Release contains:

FileVersionRelease date
InstallHPOxygenServerBeta3.20.7.exeServer Beta 3.20.711.08.2016


Shadow Scan

Model Building Info


Model Building Info panel displays the building info, which describes the precision of the built model based on calculated difference between the model and the scanned contours.


Normally, any scan would contain its own building info attached, and the information on the Model Building Info panel would update as soon as the scan in is selected in Plans & Scans.

Scanned models prepared in the older versions of HPOxygen may lack the building info.

Model building details

Model Building Info panel contains the header referring to the overall model quality, followed by the lines that describe individual problem spots. Lines are color-coded according to the severity of the errors they signify (red-yellow-green, from highest to lowest). Errors in the girdle area are listed separately and colored in gray.

Linear deviation is the maximum deviation of an edge from the corresponding contour.

Standard deviation is the averaged (root-mean-square) deviation of an edge from the corresponding contour.

Visualization features

Each of the lines related to the individual spots in the Model Building Info panel is a link. Pressing such a link while viewing the model in the photo mode would orient the model so as to display the corresponding contour. The matching photo is also shown. The problem edge is highlighted in the same color as the corresponding line in the Model Building Info panel.

Note that the shadow contours are now displayed as dotted yellow lines.

If the photo shows evident signs of dirt, the user is advised to clean the stone and run the scan again. To facilitate this, enable the Sync Stone with Model check box, which makes the stone on the scanner to be oriented simultaneously with the model.

Color encoding

Color encoding of the errors implies the following recommendations:

Message colorError rateDescription and recommendation

The model has small errors

Standard deviation

Linear deviation

Small error

Edge is most probably built properly and there is no need to re-check in a routine study.

In case of a high-precision investigation, further analysis may be required.

The model has medium errors

Standard deviation

Linear deviation

Medium error

Edge may or may not be built properly.

It is recommended to check for the error reason.

The model has big errors

Standard deviation

Linear deviation

Big error

Edge is probably built incorrectly because of dust or another reason.

Must be checked.

Girdle deviation-

Girdle edge could contain dust. It is strongly recommended to check. Dust on girdle can result in wrong diameter value.


Each error line is colored according the magnitude of the error it describes. The thresholds of various colors depend on the hardware model, as shown below.



Average model error (Avg)

Standard deviations of edges (Standard deviation)

Maximal deviations of edges (Linear deviation)


small, mkm

medium, mkm

big, mkm

small, mkmmedium, mkmbig, mkmsmall, mkmmedium, mkmbig, mkm

HP4.4D(1:1) pixel ~ 3.2 mkm

< 3.3

3.3 - 6.6

> 6.6

< 4.954.95 - 9.9> 9.9< 9.99.9 - 19.8> 19.8

HP8.5D(1:1) pixel ~ 6.4 mkm

< 4.1

4.1 - 8.2

> 8.2

< 6.156.15 - 12.3 > 12.3< 12.312.3 -24.6> 24.6

HP17D(1:2) pixel ~ 12.7 mkm

< 5.675

5.675 - 11.35

> 11.35

< 8.518.51 - 17.03> 17.03< 17.02517.025 - 34.05> 34.05

HP23ProD(1:2) pixel ~ 14.8 mkm

< 6.2

6.2 - 12.4

> 12.4

< 9.39.3 - 18.6> 18.6< 18.618.6 - 37.2> 37.2

HP34D(1:4) pixel ~ 25.4 mkm

< 8.85

8.85 - 17.7

> 17.7

< 13.2813.28 - 26.55> 26.55< 26.5526.55 - 53.1> 53.1

HP47ProD(1:4) pixel ~ 29.8 mkm

< 9.95

9.95 - 19.9

> 19.9

< 14.9314.93 - 29.85> 29.85< 29.8529.85 - 59.7> 59.7


Models management

Management of models on the Plans & Scans panel has changed significantly. The concept of "Active Scan" is made obsolete.

It is possible to have multiple Shadow and Refined scans simultaneously. They stay in the list on equal terms with the other models.

Main Scan

One of the scans is considered the Main Scan. Its name in the list is emphasized with bold font and (only when selected together with another model) green background.

All manual edits scans take the current Main Scan model as the initial approximation and produce new Refined scans.

Recut solutions search uses the current Main Scan model as the original.

Any scan can be made the Main Scan by right-clicking it in the list and selecting Set as Main Scan:

Selecting models

Any model can be selected for viewing. Moreover, any combination of models may be selected simultaneously and viewed together in different colors (assigned automatically). For more details on selection interface, see below.

When a recut solution is selected, the Main Scan is selected too (unless the user deselects it explicitly by unchecking its check box).

The last selected model is designated current model and marked with dark blue background.

The selection behavior is summarized in the table below:

 Scan (including the Main Scan)Solution

If this is the current model: does nothing.

Otherwise: selects it, makes it current, and deselects the rest.

If this is the current model: does nothing.

Otherwise: selects it, makes it current, selects also the Main Scan, and deselects the rest.

Ctrl + Click
Click on the check box



If this is the current model: does nothing.

Otherwise: toggles selection of this model, not resetting the current and not affecting the rest.

Shift + Click

If this is the current model: does nothing.

Otherwise: selects all models in the list between this and the current model (inclusive), and makes this model current.

Arrow keys
(Up / Down)
Selects the model one step up or down in the list from the current one, makes it current, and deselects the rest.Selects the model one step up or down in the list from the current one, makes it current, selects also the Main Scan, and deselects the rest.

Any model except the Main Scan (see above) can be deleted from the list by pressing Delete on the keyboard or selecting Delete model in the context menu.

Default Precision

Now HPOxygen stores the most recent precision setting for each particular cutting type. The stored precision setting is applied automatically whenever the cutting type selection is changed. In a typical workflow it is recommended to scan round brilliants at 400 contours and Princess cuts with 800 contours, since the latter cutting contains more facets with nearly similar orientation which require higher precision to resolve.

Note that you may also enter custom number of contours. This requires switching the panel to Advanced mode with the dropdown switch down below:

Rotate first facet to the door

In the HPOxygen Shadow Scanner hardware configuration, the Scan & Build panel contains a button Rotate First Facet to Door. When pressed, it would orient the stone in the scanner so as to face the operator with the first facet, i.e. the one which is set to zero azimuth in the Polish report, thus facilitating further operations (marking the facet, etc).

Note that in HPOxygen Server Beta 3.20.7 this button is called Rotate to Zero Azimuth. This will be fixed in the next release.

The button is initially inactive and becomes enabled after scanning.

ASCII export

To export a model in ASCII format, select the model in Plans & Scans and press the Export to ASCII button on the right panel.

Note that the model is exported in the same orientation as in its own Polish report, which is generally different from the orientation in which it was scanned.

After you specify the location, a file with the model will be saved:

GemCad 5.00
g 360 0.0
y 1 n
I 2.42
H OEDF OctoNus Extension Data Format 1.0
H OEDF StoneId = D-19059-001
H OEDF BalanceWeight = 0.00
H OEDF CorrectedMass = 0.00000
H OEDF ShapeCategory = RBC
H OEDF Pavilion = 24
H OEDF Crown = 33
a 0.112384 2.48158691 295.41291896
a 40.648592 1.88942269 0.00000000 270.70744631
a 40.648592 1.88838615 315.89990908
a 40.681433 1.89073693 45.28088119
a 40.738046 1.89173639 90.85743133
a 40.861434 1.88578237 225.13089661
a 40.893296 1.88823411 135.74992406
a 40.948562 1.88543799 180.14998483
a 41.820363 1.90065749 304.82903463
a 41.838818 1.90192708 11.18952718
a 41.871350 1.90052199 281.77832076
a 41.912584 1.89998662 326.97078398
a 41.927758 1.90149046 34.21000676
a 41.952993 1.90248325 259.19090994
a 41.969787 1.90455277 79.76089980
a 41.974111 1.90443153 56.85020157
a 41.993555 1.90030802 348.43067965
a 42.044845 1.90003976 236.20177108
a 42.069167 1.90418260 102.42675170
a 42.172973 1.90199759 124.22924839
a 42.169921 1.89981490 146.82079849
a 42.174452 1.89864613 191.30757789
a 42.187292 1.89795012 214.06002212
a 42.228766 1.89797153 169.07911040
a 88.000203 2.99231823 59.73332999
a 88.000206 2.99155041 260.63368878
a 88.000224 2.99031322 237.96946555
a 88.000222 2.98786964 217.10658340
a 88.000241 2.98746048 280.70518494
a 88.000221 2.98734340 145.78004146
a 88.000201 2.98711703 36.45277980
a 88.014191 2.99710978 54.90176692
a 88.082963 2.98504707 171.45932874
a 88.117151 2.99169555 11.16085502
a 88.198130 2.99227164 189.51511044
a 88.407721 2.99884253 81.75240298
a 88.824862 2.99647706 116.22015877
a 89.002808 2.98829670 156.04972081
a 89.088029 2.99997462 307.88286685
a 89.112462 2.98948000 158.39427684
a 89.136114 2.99980566 127.22870225
a 89.128003 2.99698130 109.39090322
a 89.710880 3.00266557 14.17544167
a 89.753319 2.99502080 150.84325669
a 89.812695 2.99855569 64.40404388
a 89.826128 3.00081535 351.87544171
a 89.831054 2.99591479 348.14334122
a 89.846314 2.99936904 339.29325601
a 89.872804 2.99797301 199.25976853
a 89.923746 3.00089815 336.99094412
a 89.930322 2.99742090 244.47035271
a 89.946647 2.99769888 296.30651580
a 89.965436 3.00203891 302.93595150
a 89.975047 3.00141025 71.44538497
a 89.978543 2.99978916 291.54554860
a 89.992405 3.00044066 285.31120146
a 89.989377 2.99628082 22.37561064
a -89.997007 2.99618169 22.92905626
a -89.915928 2.99804751 251.67176378
a -89.832792 2.99534357 228.53036043
a -89.794710 2.99229485 207.58597206
a -89.632641 2.99503952 222.64591089
a -89.475618 3.00718945 77.47221599
a -89.453057 3.00453448 122.18160738
a -89.419267 3.00241996 194.66263761
a -89.132539 3.00268148 359.66692896
a -89.015533 3.00121413 2.33467314
a -88.879550 2.99532919 167.84652083
a -88.837640 3.00933898 104.06628574
a -88.738151 2.99852646 33.45042652
a -88.579703 3.01015894 100.63454533
a -88.538051 3.00323938 132.87109647
a -88.432261 3.00478524 94.92210538
a -88.366293 3.00148809 47.66107967
a -88.334894 3.00187264 138.44657760
a -88.228751 3.00056837 183.06458888
a -88.181908 3.00159018 317.98100517
a -88.183318 3.00117919 43.40852727
a -88.133450 2.99660878 268.22592004
a -88.112816 3.00705729 87.28508672
a -88.037812 3.00889801 330.75739435
a -88.000403 3.00715998 325.88120200
a -88.000239 3.00696592 257.64067771
a -88.000252 3.00572857 235.62132899
a -88.000201 3.00245927 313.63329455
a -88.000206 3.00093298 177.87398656
a -88.000233 2.99993436 212.42348977
a -88.000200 2.99864209 271.56131408
a -43.750968 2.26584616 283.01903088
a -43.741140 2.25517750 32.96929656
a -43.422888 2.26704513 213.71774562
a -43.411229 2.25630654 167.83840024
a -43.391539 2.25611542 303.58832463
a -43.363926 2.24671717 12.31158432
a -43.349335 2.24953238 348.47167996
a -43.296772 2.25433948 327.78646424
a -43.273713 2.26627390 237.44248068
a -43.252300 2.26095739 259.29429581
a -43.116265 2.25688263 78.57541310
a -43.051736 2.24669543 56.69403167
a -43.010760 2.25623173 191.56313538
a -42.982864 2.24575291 147.67370725
a -42.751068 2.25285202 102.27058181
a -42.751068 2.24945111 124.33677355
a -35.925140 2.02187595 45.08090114
a -35.865699 2.03046445 270.90742633
a -35.839509 2.01654493 0.19997978
a -35.666022 2.03034198 225.33087617
a -35.655268 2.02421973 179.95000479
a -35.653106 2.01973448 315.69992910
a -35.492555 2.01867481 135.94990409
a -35.475185 2.02415945 90.65745129
a -23.498385 1.78634820 337.95095812
a -23.066523 1.78479179 113.19309609
a -23.039530 1.78676892 202.44298322
a -22.990865 1.78296372 293.12262611
a -22.968454 1.78007145 157.58269420
a -22.973071 1.77601870 22.80731791
a -22.787051 1.78251492 247.73313032
a -22.791855 1.77962179 67.80359822
a 0.000000 -1.26873560 0.00000000

Green Frame

In Scanner mode a green frame is shown which denotes the viewing field limits of the scanner.

The main purpose of Scanner mode is to show the camera view, that is, the image observed by the camera in real time.


Standard Report

Standard report is a new kind of report. Unlike other reports, it does not rely on external programs for viewing, and opens up in a special panel within HPOxygen.

To display the Standard report, press Standard report on the right pane.

Standard report contains the GIA grades and parameter values rounded by common rules. The values rounded according to GIA rules will be added in the future versions.

Groups of parameters are color-coded for easier reading.

Cutting type and template for the report may be selected (press  near the top of page if the selectors are hidden). The templates are HTML files stored at %Documents%\All Users\OctoNus Software\StandardReportTemplates\. By copying and editing the existing files, you may create custom templates, containing the parameters of your choice, with any formatting and even interactive elements.

Export Report Data (INI Export)

It is possible to export report values and pictures by selecting the INI Export report type in the Polish report window and pressing Make report.


Details of the report are specified in a template. Initially, there is only one template. You may create more templates with custom versions of plain text reports by manually editing the *.ini files. For your convenience, the *.ini file that has been just used opens up in the editor after report creation:

VisibleName=Export report data, Color
; Executable file that will be launched once the export process is complete.
; Full path to this INI file will be passed as a parameter to the specified executable.
; Format:
; 1. Full path, e.g.
;    C:\Program Files\MyApplication\MyApplication.exe
; 2. Relative path (relative to current program's exe file path), e.g.
;    .\..\MyApplication\MyApplication.exe
; 3. Path with system aliases (%alias%), e.g.
;    %WinDir%\Notepad.exe
; Output text file where bookmarks and values will be written.
; Format:
; 1. Full path, e.g.
;    C:\ExportReportData\report.txt
; 2. Relative path (relative to path of this INI file), e.g.
;    Output\report.txt
; 3. Path with system aliases (%alias%), e.g.
;    %MyDocuments%\OctoNus Software\Export Reports\report.txt
ParameterValues=%MyDocuments%\OctoNus Software\Export Reports\report.txt

The meaning of the most essential parameters in the *.ini file is explained below.

ParameterExample valueMeaning
Export report data, Color
Name of the report template as it appears in the Polish report window
Cuts for which the report should be applicable
Path to the editor used to open the *.ini file after report creation
%MyDocuments%\OctoNus Software\Export Reports\report.txt
Path for saving the report

The remaining lines in the *.ini file refer mostly to pictures. Each picture comes in two formats, WMF and PNG. They are saved to the same location as the report itself.

The report is a plain text file and can be opened in any text editor:

VERSION_NUMBER=Oxygen HP Server 3.19.76
VERSION_DATE=Jul 13 2016

Comparative reports

Facet matching algorithm in the Comparative reports has been significantly improved.

For the ease of comparison, the numbering of facets of the both reference and current models in the comparative report is retained the same as in their corresponding individual polish reports.

Note that the current model in the comparative report typically would be oriented differently from its own polish report, that is, its C1 facet may not be facing the 0° azimuth.

Compare and Report buttons

Plans & Scans panel is equipped with new functionality:

  • Compare button initiates the comparative report.
  • Polish report button initiates the polish report dialog.

Note that the latter button is multi-optional. The dropdown list to the right provides a selection of options: Standard Report, Polish Report, Custom Report, and Print Label. Once selected, the option persists until the program is closed or a new model is opened.

Brilliant 10x

A ten-fold analog of round brilliant is added as a sub-type of cutting. You may find it in the Polish Report window, once the cutting is set to Brilliant.

Culet center for step cuts

Culet center calculation algorithm for steps cuts was changed so as not to get affected by possible extra facets on the culet.

Girdle center for Cushions

Girdle center calculation for Cushions was changed to make it consistent with that for Oval.

Smart Recut


Smart Recut presets are now ordered by symmetry.

A preset is a collection of geometrical limitations which are imposed on the solution. Each recut solution seeks a balance between retaining the most mass of the stone and achieving the highest possible symmetry. The presets, in effect, assign different weights to the geometrical requirements, thus shifting that balance to a varying extent. Below is the list of all presets, ordered from the most relaxed to the strictest:

  • MaxMass
  • LowOpticalSymmetry
  • ExtendedLimits
  • Standard
  • NormalOpticalSymmetry
  • MediumOpticalSymmetry
  • HighOpticalSymmetry
  • UltraSymmetry

The preset with the most relaxed limitations is called MaxMass, for it should be expected to produce the solution of maximal mass (but probably lacking in symmetry and other qualities).

Consider these two sets of Smart Recut solutions together with their photorealistic images. Each set is obtained from one stone and ordered by decreasing mass.

First set (Smart_Recut_example_1.oxgz):

Solution #


(Original stone)








(13. Single-M)


Second set (Smart_Recut_example_2.oxg):

Solution #-769845231

(Original stone)








(13. Single-M)

To obtain a photorealistic view of the stone, click Photoreal in the main menu. The main view field will be split in two, with the photorealistic view in the lower half. Note that in this mode you may still operate the Plans & Scans panel. As you select other models, the photorealistic image would change accordingly.

Fixed table

Smart Recut algorithm seeks to keep the table plane of the model unchanged, unless the solution found deviates from the original by a considerably wide margin.

Speed up

Smart Recut algorithm is reworked and its speed improved by a factor of 1.3 - 1.7.

 Sample Base 1 (no cavities):

SmartRecut VersionAvg. Time, sec

 Sample Base 2 (with cavities):

SmartRecut VersionAvg. Time, sec

Computer configuration:

ProcessorIntel( R ) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz, Frequency: ~3497 MHz.
Logical processors8
Operating system

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586

Total Visible Memory Size

32710 MB

Free Physical Memory28698 MB


Panels management

Right panel is reorganized to contain the following groups of elements:

  • View
    • Standard switches to the standard view.
    • Photos switches to the photo view, if there is a photoset loaded.
    • Scanner switches to the camera view mode.
    • Facetware toggles the additional panel GIA Facetware.
    • Standard report toggles the additional panel Standard report.
    • My Appraiser toggles the additional panel MyGIA.
  • Reports
    • Polish report opens the interface window for generating and exporting one of the predefined reports.
    • Custom report opens the interface window for generating and exporting a custom report.
    • Print label opens the interface window for printing labels.
  • Export
    • Export to ASCII opens the interface window for exporting the model.
  • Model Building Info.

Buttons that control additional panels (Facetware, Standard report, My Appraiser) have an indicator to the left which turns green when the corresponding panel is shown.

Note that it impossible to show more than two additional panels at once. If two of them are already shown and the third is clicked, it will show up, but one of the other two will vanish.

General Settings

Settings GUI dialog is added. It is accessible by clicking Settings in the main menu and then selecting General settings.

Currently the menu contains only one tab (Stone Properties). It affects the details of entering the auxiliary data when scanning stones.

The following options are available:

OptionMeaningDefault state
Stone ID is requiredEnables the Stone ID input field.On
Stone ID Auto IncrementMakes the Stone ID field auto-increment upon scanning a new stone.Off
Intercept New Line in Stone IDStrips the new line characters from the Stone ID field (useful if it is filled in with the help of a bar code scanner).Off
Scale Weight is RequiredEnables the Scale Weight input field.Off
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