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  1. Scanning Sample file name is now exported to report bookmark


  2. Added Min / Max Star Length and Lower Girdle Length interactive clickable parameters to Standard Report:

  3. Added interactive clickable parameters to Rounded Fancies Standard Report template:

  4. Fixed grade bookmarks for Table and Culet parameters, added Crown Breadth parameter to Rounded Fancies Standard Report template:

  5. Added the following bookmarks indicating model building error value and status:

  6. Added bookmarks indicating Sweetline parameter values and grade:

  7. Added a bookmark for Square Deviation, %:

  8. Added separate Cut grade bookmarks for combined Grid + Interval appraisers:

  9. New Facet Marking Sample selection interface for Custom Report:

    If you're working on a non-trivial cutting that requires Custom Report with specific Facet Marking or the stone proportions make it difficult for automatic facet detection algorithm to apply correct Facet Marking, you can apply a marking from a previously created Sample.

    To do so, in the Custom Report dialog press From Sample...

    You will be presented with a Sample selection and Facet Marking preview dialog. In the dialog, press Browse... to specify a folder containing your marking Sample.
    This folder will be remembered the next time you open the dialog:

    After the folder is selected, you will be presented with a list of DMC sample file names in the folder. Please note that the samples should contain Facet Marking data, otherwise they can not be aaplied.
    You can select desired samples from the list and preview the sample model and its Facet Marking as well as automatic transfer of marking to the current model:

    While the input focus is in the Sample list, you can use Arrow UpArrow Down keyboard buttons to quickly scroll through the list and preview various sample markings.

    If you would like to apply current marking and proceed with marking editing and Custom Report generation, press Apply.
    Otherwise, press Discard to get back to editing the the original marking you were working on.

Smart Recut

  1. Added SweetLine parameter to MyOval appraiser


  1. Instant Spherical Cavity Inclusion tool is now available.

     📦 See more examples...

  2. It is now possible to control rotation (Rx) motor position:

    In the Scan panel, a new set of Rx position controls was added.

    On the left, there is a readout of current Rx position, which can also be used to manually enter a new desired Rx position.
    After pressing Return (Enter) the motor will move to the new position:

    On the right, there's a motor step angle control (Rotate by ...) and two buttons for rotating the motor one step left (clockwise) or right (counter-clockwise):

  3. Model names now have an automatically incremented numerical suffix to enable unambiguous model identification by name:

  4. It is now possible to set user-defined names to scanned, imported and edited models:
    1. In the Models or Plans & Scans list, right-click on the model that you want to rename
    2. In the context menu, select Rename 'current model name'...
    3. An editable text field will appear in the list in place of the model name
    4. Enter a desired model name and press Return (Enter)
    5. The model was renamed

  5. Model sorting is now preserved for projects saved with the new version.


  1. Multiple improvements to Model Refinement algorithms.


  1. Fixed DLL loading problem which affected some installations
  2. Fixed a few scenarios where the application would occasionally crash during Shadow scanning
  3. Fixed PAV_MAIN_EDGE_JUNCTION calculation in reports
  4. Fixed Star Ratio parameters calculation fancy cut reports (was limited to max 8 values before)
  5. Fixed calculation of Girdle Facet (= Pavilion Lower) Length, Depth in certain specific cases
  6. Fixed a crash in Comparative Report Recut modes with specific stone positions
  7. Fixed Comparative Report Recut: Fixed Table mode which always failed to find a suitable matching position
  8. Fixed copy / paste by shortcuts which was broken in some GUI panels including MyAppraiser
  9. Fixed autosave file name extensions, the files are now saved as project.autosave[N].oxg
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