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Release contains:


Reports templates2016-07-12
(not changed)

In this version we made the following changes:

Model building

  1. Model building using Sample algorithm for Round Brilliant 10x cut is improved.


  1. Model can be exported to ASCII format in standard orientation (that is, oriented the same way as in the polish reports).
    To enable ASCII export upon scanning or rebuilding, go to Report - Report options and check the following check boxes:

    1. ascii:report basis if you want to export models in standard orientation (same as in the reports).

    2. ascii if you want to export models in the same orientation as scanned.

    If you checked both options, make sure the files are saved into different folders.

  2. Painting parameters have their sign reversed, so as to match the GIA definition.

    Note that the Dev values and the measurements in notches are defined as absolute values, hence their sign is not changed.


  1. Bugs that caused incorrect drawing of the girdle 2D graph and occasional negative girdle valley height values for stones with cavernous girdles are fixed. 

  2. The following bugs in the Round brilliant 10x report are fixed:
    1. Only 4 out of 5 Table width values were shown.

    2. Only 8 out of 10 values of Crown height bone and Girdle height bone were shown.

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