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Here you can find information about what is new in HPOxygen Server version 5.4.67.

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SmartRecut RBC GIA borders for VG/GD Diameter Deviation

It is now possible to get a much higher mass for RBC when running SmartRecut with the GIA Facetware+MyRound appraiser, as the Diameter (Symmetry) for VG and GD grades now may vary in full GIA boundaries (previously it was limited by 0.7 as for the EX grade).


  • EX = 0,7 (not changed)
  • VG = 1,4
  • GD = 2,8
  • FR = 5,6

Custom Facet Marking in Polish Reports

Sometimes, the custom facet marking of a model (if it has this marking) may differ from the facet marking applied to the model in Polish Report (Auto Marking). Now the Polish Report dialog provides you information about this difference and allows to select which marking to use in the report.


No custom markingMarkings identicalMarkings differ

XRay Cavities

In HP Oxygen, starting from version 4.3.12, for the shadow models, cavities previously built with XRay may be applied. This can be done several times throughout the polishing process.


ModelApplied Cavity - Model

Algorithm List Changes

From the Algorithm list, the outdated algorithms have been removed: only algorithms of 2013 and later plus "06. Semicut (final)" are now in the list.


WasAfter deletion of outdatedFavorites

Currently selected algorithm is highlighted with bold .

To add the algorithm to favorites, click  . Clear the star to remove from favorites.

To see the full list, click show all.

Relative Appraiser - Intervals Validation

In Relative appraiser, now:


Wrong values are highlighted with red. On editing finish, the wrong value is automatically substituted with the nearest correct (0,01 or -0,01).

Crown and Pavilion Reflect Algorithms Improvements

The speed and accuracy of the Crown and Pavilion Reflect algorithms are increased.

Fixed Problems and Improvements

The following fixes for the known problems and improvements have been implemented: