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  • Fixed the problem with disappering inclusions after multiple inclusion plane cut (and application of changes) in voxel QC
  • Fixed the errors with autoplotting on the newest videocards (like GTX 980 and Titan X) and new NVIDIA drivers (version newer than 344.75). From this moment autoplotting must work on newest NVIDIA driver and NVIDIA videocard with not less than 2 Gb memory.
  • Fix of automatic glue detection crash for specific scenarios
  • Fix of QC BBox selection tool for case when HIG scanner enabled
  • Other minor fixes and optimizations
  • Added "Subtract contour" option for 3d polygonal inclusion QC
  • A new operation in voxel QC - splitting of inclusion by closed (non-selfintersecting) contour. Using this operation you may simulate "Add contour" and "Subtract contour" options in voxel QC.