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  1. New cutting type “HEART” to differ from Pear.
  2. Improvement of “TRIANGLE” determination. We still are working under correct width/length and table width/length calculation- this will be added in next version.
  3. New parameter ALN (bookmark GIA_ALN_DEG) is added to reports. Following parameters were renamed:
    1. Girdle Bezel Alignment -> Junction Bezel Twist (bookmarks JUNCTION_BEZEL_TWIST_MM_..., JUNCTION_BEZEL_TWIST_DEG_...)
    2. Girdle Bone Alignment -> Junction Bone Twist (bookmarks JUNCTION_BONE_TWIST_MM_..., JUNCTION_BONE_TWIST_DEG_...)
    3. Twist -> Facet Twist (bookmarks FACET_TWIST_DEG_...)
    4. Virtual table edge -> Table Edge (TEV) (bookmarks TEV_TABLE_EDGE_MM_..., TEV_TABLE_EDGE_PC_...)
    5. Table edge -> Model Table Edge (bookmarks MODEL_TABLE_EDGE_MM_..., MODEL_TABLE_EDGE_PC_...)
    Please find new report templates in zip. Old bookmarks are deleted from new templates but software will work both with new bookmarks and old bookmarks .
    We recommend to use new bookmarks.

  4. Wrong determination of some samples as Pear instead of Oval is fixed.  The project build under “P-O-M-H-R” and report type as “Auto” software automatically recognize in one mmd as “Pear” and in another mmd  as “Cushion”.
  5. Some other improvements of determination of facets type for RBC.
  6. Problem with missing values for Cushion in Grouping pictures is fixed:
  7. Problem with visible and invisible edges color is fixed. Visible edges had same color with invisible edges in report.dll Fixed in report.dll

  8. Change in calculation of “ideal” position for pictures «Pavilion/crown painting and deviation of pavilion/crown main facets azimuths angles from their ideal positions for the round brilliant”. Before there was standard “net” 0, 45, 90, 135,….,315 degrees for “ideal” position. From this version program calculates  position to minimize means-square deviation and to have as more as possible deviations which are closed to «0».

    On example below, 4 facets deviations are equal to «0»:

  9. Bug with wrong detection of semi-polished Heart is fixed. In previous version (report.dll semi-polished heart was recognized as Oval cut. From current version (report.dll semi-polished heart is recognized as Heart cut.
  10. Culet determination is changed to fix problem where extra-facet was determined as culet (extra facets are indicated in red color, culet is facets are indicated in yellow color, culet center is indicated as red cross).

    Image AddedImage Added
  11. Bug with export of DMC from HPP is fixed. There was error when exported to DMC file model has table azimuth and slope do not equal to zero.