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The "SmartRecut (Brilliant, Oval, AnyCut)" algorithm is used for additional optimization (after Recut) of the diamond cuttings, providing optimization both for Brilliant and Oval cuttings and for any other cuttings.

Custom Facet Marking

As when running the "SmartRecut (Brilliant, Oval, AnyCut)" algorithm for cuttings different from Brilliant and Oval, it is necessary to have a Custom Facet Marking, it is important for the user to have this marking selected. Now if the Custom Facet Marking is not defined, the system will display a warning:

For solutions on standard cuttings, the facet marking is applied immediately after solution creation, even if you do not click the Custom Report button and instead of the Polish Report method, the system uses the sample markings specified for each standard cutting. In accordance with the Cutting parameter of the solution, the facet marking from the corresponding sample is automatically transferred to your solution and saved for it.

This means, that for solutions with standard cutting, you do not need to upload a custom marking from a sample every time.

Still, it is recommended to check, if the automatically applied marking is accurate by accessing the Facet Marking dialog (available on clicking the Custom Report button).

Interaction with AnyCut Relative Appraiser

The "SmartRecut (Brilliant, Oval, AnyCut)" algorithm is now able to interact with the new AnyCut relative appraiser: all the parameters of the AnyCut relative appraiser are supported by the algorithm, that is the algorithm allocates solutions taking into account the requested grade of 1st diam and symmetry grades and grade boundaries defined by the relative appraiser.

Сurrently the interaction between the SmartRecut algorithm and the Relative appraiser is under development, which means in some cases the algorithm may produce parameters outside the appraiser boundaries, specifically for the Symmetry tab.

Example of the interaction of the "SmartRecut (Brilliant, Oval, AnyCut)" algorithm and AnyCut relative appraiser is presented on the AnyCut Relative Appraiser page.

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