Here you can find information about what is new in Oxygen Server Microscope 6.3.32 and Oxygen Immersion version 6.3.30.

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Preventing Unauthorized Access

HASP Protection

The HASP (Hardware Against Software Piracy) protection has been further improved. This requires an upgrade:

  • If you own the key version 4.x, its software part requires an upgrade.
  • If you own the key version 3.x, you need to physically replace it with the 4.x with the latest software.

If you need anything mentioned above, please, contact your supplier of software or  Octonus Support.

How to detect what key you have:

HASP 3.xHASP 4.x

No "silver eye".Has a "silver eye".

New File Format - OX2Z

Besides DMX files, the system now opens and saves projects in a new OX2Z (HP Oxygen) format only. The previous versions of the system cannot open OX2Z files.

  • In accordance with the described changes, the export of models and projects to other formats is restricted.
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