Previous name: "18. Single (Recut)" (till version 5.2.22)

After scanning a blocked diamond, an operator may run the allocation algorithm to check available polishing options. In some cases, algorithms presented in the system offer solutions which are not aligned with the blocked facets. This may be worthless to restart polishing with such a new plan and it may be also not good to use it as a start for asymmetric allocation SmartRecut. The "18. Semipolished" algorithm allows building solutions aligned to the already blocked facets. At least one of the solutions produced by the algorithm is normally aligned to the already blocked facets of a scanned semipolished stone.

Some details and examples you can find in the video:

Video | 18. Single (Recut) Algorithm - Rotated and Aligned Solutions for Further Optimization
Published:2019, February 12Last Updated:2019, February 12v.3.2

Video summary:

  • Note In version 5.2.22 the 18. Single (Recut) algorithm has been renamed to 18. Semipolished
  • During the brilliant recut, the best result can be achieved through two different intermediate solutions:
  • Through the solution with facet azimuths close to the current brilliant
  • Through the solution rotated comparing to the current brilliant
  • To select the best option in the end, an operator needs BOTH variants of the solution on the intermediate stage.
  • The “18. Single (Recut)” algorithm aims to provide both the rotated solution (with the better mass) and the one better aligned to the initial stone for you to be able to try your further optimization on both of them.
  • Run Smart Recut on both solutions.
  • Compare the Smart Recut solutions and select the best one from the point of view of the predicted price and the complexity of the cut.
  • In some cases, the best solution will come from aligned and not from the rotated.
Video keywords: 18. Semipolished, 18. Single (Recut), rotated solution, aligned solution, further optimization, cut complexity, best price
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