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Release contains:



In this version we have fixed following bugs:

  1.  Intentional choice of Cushion report in filed Report. Early “cushion” type of report was absent.
  2. Some stability fixes for algorithm of holder plane checking.
    1. button Start will not be blocked if operator close panel by left upper cross. There is no need to restart program.
    2. if operator doesn’t remove stone when program asks to do it then program will block scanning. When operator removes stone programs unblock scanning with next checking.
    3. during “computer power safe” mode checking of holder will not run.
    4. program shows corresponding message box if file HolderContours.mmd is absent or contains not correct contours.

This version has following new feature:

  1. Measurements of facet junctions for RBC and for rounded fancies. New bookmarks are in Full reports. Templates of reports are attached.


Please find set of templates where Full_report_for_brilliant.rtf and Full_report_for_rounded_fancies.rtf are changed – new parameters are added.


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