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Release contains:

Reports templates2015-07-13


In this version we made following changes:


  1. Support of new CUB HP_SMC for HPP software. So you will be able to make calibration and alignment of HPReflect scanner (shadow stage) initially with HP_SMC board not changing HP old CUB to HP_SMC. Please note that it is necessary to place OHWS_Reflect2.dll version or later in root folder of HPP to work with HP_SMC board.
  2. Criteria to differentiate a Cushion from Oval is changed. New rule allow to separates cut more precisely.
  3. Criteria to differentiate a StepCut from Radiant is changed. Before problem was that models was built by AnyCut algorithm and determined as Radiant but not StepCut. Since this version models determined as StepCut.
  4. Calculation of Table for Oval, Marquise, Pear and Cushion is changed  – please refer to bookmarks: TABLE_MM_X, TABLE_PC_X, WIDTH_TABLE_MM, WIDTH_TABLE_PC, LENGTH_TABLE_MM, LENGTH_TABLE_PC.
    For sample:

  5. Illustrated HTML report for Cushion, AnyCut, Princess as it was few months ago for RBC:

  6. Changes in algorithm of facets determination of RBC. This allows to fix many problem samples with wrong determination.
  7. In this version we fixed issue with table parameters calculation for semi polish RBC:


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