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Important notes about the cost reduction.

Why do some diamonds offer added-value?

  • Cutwising diamonds eliminates processing, shipping and insurance expenses when clients reject and return the shipped diamonds because they are below the expectations based on the certificate.
  • Cutwise can reduce your staffing for many routine tasks. Since all diamond data Agents need for decision making is available on-line, your staff are only needed to close deals and handle logistics. The files captured by ViBox and DiBox are uploaded to Cutwise automatically.

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The price of Cutwise usage depends on the chosen option:

  1. Option 1. Cutwise portal membership

    During the running in period Cutwise will not charge clients anything and has the right to remove stone data 90 days after uploading. After the running in period the membership will require the coverage of the hosting storage and traffic costs.

    Cutwise Membership Pricing
  2. Option 2. OEM site

    Website with the exact same features as the Cutwise portal but with only your stock. It can be linked to your domain or to The site appearance is not customizable at the moment.

    In this case Cutwise works as a hosting platform, the data is stored in the Cutwise Cloud and all traffic is going through this system. This is similar to a video hosting service (like YouTube, Vimeo), that provides video embedding feature (the video from the service can be integrated onto any website). Cutwise provides the same, for embedding diamond information (videos, images, reports, certificates, etc). This includes automatic data upload from ViBoxDiBoxHP and viewing tools designed for diamonds like the controllable video player or an image viewer with magnifying glass.

    Cutwise Membership Pricing
  3. Option 3. OEM Services (do not support search function).

    3A. Video player usage

    Video player (showing videos captured by ViBox) is available either on a specific link or can be integrated into any webpage.

    Video player usage
    Cutwise Membership Pricing

    3B. A particular diamond web page

    A Web-page that contains all the required diamond data (images from DiBox, videos from ViBox, grade, lab reports, etc.) which can be uploaded to RapNet or any other trade platform as an external link.

    Movies Embedding Manual
    Cutwise Membership Pricing
  4. Option 4. Hybrid. Cutwise Portal + Cutwise OEM services.

    Diamonds are displayed both on Cutwise portal and on a client’s site.

    Cutwise Membership Pricing
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