Cooperative mode plugin now is a part of OSV program and to run it, please, run OSV. You'll see:

Enter to the cooperative account

New user registrationSigning in to already created account

Press 'Sign Up' button and fill all fields in an appeared form:

Then press OK and you'll be registered on cooperative mode server.

If you registered earlier, click 'Sign In' and enter your registration email and password.

Cooperative mode plugin panel

After logging in, you will see the cooperative mode plugin panel:

  1. Email that is used as login.
  2. Sign out button.
  3. Button to create new virtual room with all files in the active tab.
  4. Virtual rooms list. List row contains room title, room color. Also list row may contain icon shows that you are connected to the room (6) and icon shows that something changed in the room (5).
  5. Icon shows that something changed in the room or you are notified to the room.
  6. Icon shows that you are connected to the room now.
  7. Connect to the selected room.
  8. Disconnect from the selected room.
  9. Take 'Guest' role in the selected room.
  10. Take 'Listener' role in the selected room.
  11. Take 'Master' role in the selected room.
  12. Room users list. Each list row contains user email, name and mouse cursor color. Also if the user is connected to the room, correspondent row will contain user role icon (13).
  13. Icon shows that user entered to the room and has guest role. User can see these icons only after entering the room.
  14. Field to enter users emails to add them to the selected room.
  15. Button to add specified at field (14) user to selected room.
  16. Room files list. Each row contains file name.

Cooperative work

You can show and discuss media files that supported in OSV using cooperative plugin. For this you should create virtual room with necessary files, then invite and wait collocators.

You or another room user can change room files list at any time when this user is connected to the room and has master role in room.

Also room master can change files list and order in the OSV data tab that corresponds to the opened room.

Creating new virtual room

Now you can create a virtual room only for an active OSV data tab that is not correspond to any room yet. See here how to open data in OSV.

Click 'Create room' button to create virtual room for this tab. Enter room title and select room color. It will be used to visually distinguish several opened rooms in tabs at the same time.

After clicking OK you'll see next changes:

  1. New room in the cooperative room list.
  2. Tab name and color is changed accordingly to the room title in angle brackets and room color.
  3. New data server 'Room ...' with room files.

Note that a room creator automatically takes master role in the room.

Then you can change room files (see section 'Changing room files' below) or invite other OSV users to your room (see section 'Inviting users to a room' below).

Connecting to and disconnecting from a virtual room

To connect to the virtual room double click on the correspondent row in the room list or select the room row by single click and click on 'Connect' button.

To disconnect from the room close its tab or select the room row in the room list and click on 'Disconnect' button.

Inviting users to a room

To invite other users to a virtual room, you should:

  1. Select the room in room list (4).
  2. Type user email to field (14):
  3. Press button (15). You should see invited user in room user list:

You can also invite into the room non-registered users. They will be shown in room user list in italics:

To user you invite into the room will be sent an invitation email. Email will contain a hyperlink to open the virtual room and link to download the OSV program.

Working with media in a virtual room

For opened rooms now the next data is synchronized in tab:

  1. Views number (now from 1 to 4)
  2. For any view in tab - its zoom, shift and data layers list
  3. For each individual data view layer:
    • for movies:
      • movie frames view mode in mono (left, right, both)
      • movie split type (mono, side-by-side, frames shift, over/under)
      • shift between frames in 'frames shift' split mode
      • enabled/disabled swapping left/right frames mode
      • enabled/disabled round (looped) mode
      • enabled/disabled half time mode
      • FPS
      • current frame index
      • on/off playing movie
      • enabled/disabled stereo mode
      • playing direction (forward/backward)
    • for 3d-models:
      • rotation

Please note, that only one user can have master role at any time in the virtual room.

Users with 'Listener' or 'Master' role will share their mouse cursor positions in synchronized tab views to other online room users:

Mouse curcor color is correspondent to the color that the user selected on registration.

Users with 'Guest' or 'Listener' role can change only local specific room tab settings:

  1. Stereo mode (anaglyph, interlaced ... )
  2. Stereo frame distance

Many others GUI panels are locked for users with these roles.

Changing room files

To add files to the virtual room or delete files from it you should firstly connect to the room and take master role in it.

All changed in room file list will be synchronized with other room users when they start the OSV and will logged into cooperative account.

Adding files to a virtual room

To add new files to the virtual room you should drag necessary files from:

  1. from windows explorer
  2. or from any other data servers in OSV

and drop them to:

  1. to the room data server file list
  2. or to the OSV data tab that corresponds to the virtual room

In all cases new files will be uploaded to cooperative server and than be added to the room.

Deleting files from a virtual room

To delete file the from room right-click on the file in data server file list, then click on 'Delete data' in the context menu:

This data will be removed from any room tab where it was added.

Notify user to enter a virtual room

If you want that another user pays attention to the room, you can send to that user room notification.

To do this, select the virtual room and press right mouse button on target user in the room users list. Then, press on "Send notification to ...". 

That user will be notified by email with link to the room. If that user is already online in the OSV cooperative plugin then the room row in the room list and tab (if room is opened) will be updated with flickering orange circle:



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