The "MyAnyCut" hybrid appraiser includes only the basic set of parameters, universal and applicable for almost all cuts.

On the figure: 1. Relative part, 2. Absolute part.

Interval validation

In Relative appraiser:

Wrong values are highlighted in red. On editing finish, the wrong value is automatically substituted with the nearest correct (0,01 or -0,01).

Previous versions

Latest on top.

MyAnyCutOpt | MyAnyCut

In version 1.2.92 the appraiser obtained the new name: "MyAnyCut". The previous name was "MyAnyCutOpt | MyAnyCut"


The "MyAnyCutOpt | MyAnyCutRelatve" appraiser (also known as AnyCut relative appraiser or relative appraiser) allows performing allocation for any ASCII-cuttings uploaded to the system. The appraiser estimates some parameters value difference between the current and a reference model. The reference model is considered to be the good one and the relative appraiser estimates if the current model parameters are in the allowable range comparing to the reference one. The relative appraiser is an important part of the Custom cut workflow and is necessary for working with the in-house cuttings.

The relative appraiser supports Fix GirdleFix Crown and Fix Facets options of the Smart Recut algorithms.


In previous versions, the name of the algorithm was "TestRelativeAscii | MyRelativeAscii".

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