Release contains:

Reports templates2016-04-12


 In this version we made following changes:


  1. Main change and goal of this version is implementation of cutting CODEs.

    We implemented cutting code as AA BB CC where AA – outline, BB-Corner and CC-Faceting Style. This value for cutting is exported by Export All and looks like

    CUTTING_CODE=03 04 02

    Important notes and limitations:

    Codes which are not implemented yet:

    From AA - Polygon ( 4 )
    From BB -  Chamfered ( 2 )
    From CC - Mix ( 3 )

  2. Parameter “Vertex azimuth symm" is added to reports for correspondence between Appraiser Editor HPO panel and report.dll (Polish reports)”:

    This is last parameter which was not implemented to report.dll before. So since this version all parameters are synchronized between HPO and report.dll.

  3. Since this version click on error in Model Building Info rotates stone to Door (previously historically it was rotated opposite to door) to clean stone easily (if needed).
  4. Parameter Squareness is added for cuttings Marquise, Cushion, Oval and to reports: