Here is the documentation for new features of Oxygen HIG v2543: Download\HIG\InstallOxygenHIG.
Main improvements:
  • Scanning/saving/loading 10-bit data
  • Tonemapping for 8-bit/10-bit data that improves the quality of HIG photos 

Using these improvements we want to obtain data for enhancement of our tomography algorithm (by switching to 10-bit data in future releases). Also using 10 bit data + tonemapping options will improve the visual quality of HIG photos - you will see more details and higher dynamic range.

Capturing 10-bit data in Oxygen HIG

Here is a short video instruction, how to capture and save 10-bit data. We need this data for 10-bit tomography tests.

Brief description:

  • Set Mono16 mode in GUI
  • Start capturing HIG photos
  • Save captured photoset as '.png'

Tone mapping for live view

To show 10-bit live view on the 8-bit display we have to use tone-mapping.

To enable select tonemapping algorithm, please click on TM button and select the algorithm and tune parameters; algorithms and parameters description is here: Tone mapping

The video instruction is here:

Tone mapping for captured photos

If you want to work with already captured 10-bit data (not in live view), you may also tune tonemapping settings:

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