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Why should I scan with sample?

In your factory, you often aim to produce diamonds of specific cut. You want scans of such stones to be more precise. Take one of the good stones, scan it (for example, on Helium Polish scanner with ASCII model as output), then apply Smart Normalize to remove any imperfections of the built model, then save the result as a sample. Later scan your stones with this sample selected as a method - your models will be of much more quality.

What are the steps?


  • Load your sample from the DMC file.
  • Click it in Samples.
  • Run scanning.
  • If you don't have your sample as DMC yet, get it as described below.

Scan with your sample

  1. Use Scan mode.
  2. Expand Cut & Method.
  3. In Samples, find your sample or click  to add it from a file.

    If you plan to use it frequently, drag your sample to the Favorites.

  4. Click your sample.
  5. Run scanning.

Get your sample as DMC file

  1. Use Recut mode.
  2. In Plans & Scans, do one of the following:
    1. Click your model, then, on the right panel, Facet Types. Check types, then click Export Sample.
    2. Right-click your model and select Export model of "Plan X"...
  3. Save as DMC.

    Facet types are always saved with your sample.

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