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Table with average parameters in I3D Mini View

There is a check box Average parameters in I3D Mini View settings (under ). Checking this box will show a table with main average parameters of the model. This table provides easy and fast access to main parameters values after scan:

New parameters for Oval cutting in Full Report

New parameters of MyAppraiser for Oval, introduced in previous release 4.2.7, are added to Full Report:

Axis symmetry pictures

3.1. Assymetry max deviation information is added to axis symmetry pictures (see below).

3.2. In I3D Mini View a "goal" curve (to get ideal symmetry) is drawn by green dashed line since this version 4.3.5 Before it was a red line.

"Girdle" facet type in Galahad (Generate next plan...) panel

There is new facet type Girdle in Galahad1 mode in Next Step Plans panel:

Improvement in algorithm of model building for POMHR (Pear, Oval, Marquise, Heart, Radiant).

Galahad (Faceting) report printing

Report formatting is improved for neat printing from the web browser.

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