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Video | AnyCut Workflow - Main Steps
Published:2019, September 3Last Updated:2019, October 16v.2.3

Video summary:

  • AnyCut workflow includes the following steps: User cutting registration, FixedForm (recut) allocation, SmartRecut AnyCut allocation with relative ASCII appraiser

  • User cutting registration starts from running SmartNormilize for the model you want to use as cutting
  • Register most symmetrical normalization result as new cutting
  • Provide Custom Facet Marking for your new cutting
  • Facet Marking from a sample can be used
  • If necessary, corrections may be done for selected marking from sample
  • Save your cutting
  • Run FixedForm (recut) allocation with your cutting
  • Use + Smart Recut option to immediately start SmartRecut after the Recut
  • The system provides a set of solutions

Video keywords: AnyCut, user cutting, custom facet marking, SmartRecut

Published in:Release Notes2019-09-13 - HPOxygen Server 5.2.22
DocumentationAnyCut Workflow, User Cutting Registration
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