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MBox series products (MBox 2.0MBox 1.5MBox) are microscopic diamond inclusion mapping devices. In a bundle with the related software MBox is a hardware+software solution for diamond inclusions mapping.

About This Documentation

The Oxygen Server Microscope and Oxygen Immersion software share the most of functionality. The Oxygen Immersion has all the same functions plus functionality for working with the immersion glass.

Therefore, this documentation describes both products - features, presented only in Oxygen Immersion are marked with (MBox IG) in the page name (for example,  Automatic Inclusion Allocation (MBoxIG) ) and/or with the following note:

This functionality is available only in Oxygen Immersion (MBoxIG).

If the documentation page or section does not contain these markers, then the described functionality is related to both products.

MBox Server

The  Oxygen Server Microscope  (also called MBox Server, MBox, Oxygen Microscope Server) software is developed to work with M-Box line hardware (MBox 2.0MBox 1.5MBox microscopes). Oxygen Server Microscope with M-Boxes allows creating photos of a rough diamond by a microscope, defining any type of inclusions, exploring and working with the diamond cutting solutions, allocate diamonds, evaluating the prices of the different possible solutions and quality of the polished diamonds and creating Customer and Polish reports.

The Oxygen Server Microscope is designed for diamond cutters and sale specialists dealing with rough diamonds, manufacturers and technologists. The software can be used for training and education. This system is beneficial for factory production and process control.

Visit a product page on the OctoNus official site.

The  Oxygen Immersion  (also called MBox IG, Oxygen MBox Immersion) software is developed to work with products of M-Box series, with projects of roughs in immersion glass.

Visit a product page on the OctoNus official site.
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