Zoom modes

New zoom behavior is introduced.

By default, the background picture (when one is loaded) is made resizable. It resizes together with the model in response to mouse wheel scrolling or resizing of the whole program window.

The resizing can be frozen by using the following new modes accessible via the zoom menu:

  • Fix Diamond pixel size freezes the pixel size of the model so that it doesn't change upon resizing by mouse wheel or by the resize of the program window.
  • Fix Background pixel size freezes the pixel size of the background picture in the same manner.
  • Block Zoom change freezes both the model and background.


To reach the zoom menu, click ViewZoom in the top menu, or Zoom in the bottom panel.

Cut Analysis: Carat weight and Spread among performance indexes

Carat weight and Spread (Ct. and/or percent) now can be stored in Cut Analysis report along with other performance indexes of the cut.

The indexes are checked on in the list by default.

Cut Analysis: Parameter validation option

A third option of parameter behavior is added to Cut Analysis interface.

The three options of parameter behavior are:

  • Vary parameter: make a series of models with different values of parameter in the interval between From and To, with step Step.
  • Keep fixed: make the parameter always equal the fixed value specified in the field From. The fields To and Step are disabled.
  • (New) Check inside interval: the parameter is checked for being within the specified interval (From..To), and if it is outside the interval, the model is not included in the analysis. The field Step is disabled.


Check inside interval is useful when the parameter in question is dependent on the other parameters which are set to vary, and thus may fall outside of acceptable range.

Cut quality estimation

Upon changing of model proportions or opening a new file, the calculated cut quality figures are marked as obsolete, so as not to misinterpret the old data as belonging to the new model.


  • Girdle reflections drawing mode is now available to the users with Pro license.

  • Color estimation method was updated, so the results on the same model may have changed slightly since the previous version.
  • Disk output is reorganized so as to preserve massive output files in the event of occasional crash.


  • Bug that caused an error message to appear upon opening of *.gem or *.srn files is fixed.
  • Panel size issue in Chinese versions Windows 8.1 is fixed.
  • Issues with variation of certain parameter pairs (Crown angle + Table diameter, Crown Height + Table diameter) in Cut Analysis (Pro version) are fixed.
  • Spontaneous switching to Photoreal mode upon initiating Pro Cut Analysis is fixed.
  • Failure to import certain *.stl files saved by third-party software is fixed.
  • A warning message while loading a *.dmc file without parametric cut information is suppressed.


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