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For In-house cut workflow, two appraisers are intended for working with the Cushion cutting:

When to UseAppraiserCutting for Relative Part**
For square* Cushion"CushionSquare_Opt |  CushionSquare""CushionSquare_PM4_PG8_PH24_PBrill_C32"
For rectangular Cushion"CushionRectangular_Opt |  CushionRectangular"" CushionRectangular_PM4_PG8_PH24_PBrill_C32"

* Rt (Girdle Ratio) = 1.05 distinguishes "square" (up to and including 1.05) and rectangular (1.06 and more) where Rt is rounded till the second decimal place.

** For now, the appraisers work only with these cuttings; cuttings are stored under  Client Cuttings .

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Both appraisers are composite - they intersect absolute parameter limits with the limitations relative to the cutting listed in the table above. Three modes are available:

  • Relative + Absolute (default)
  • Relative only
  • Absolute only

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