The Solutions Report allows comparing solutions by main parameters including ASET and Office pictures. This report is displayed in the system itself - in the Scene.

To use the feature:

  • In the Solution List, select solutions to be included in the Solutions Report, then click . The included solutions are marked with the  symbol.
  • On the right panel, click Solutions Report. The report is displayed in the Scene.
    • Note If you include many solutions in the report they can be displayed not all at once, but on different pages
    • Page switcher and the Columns per page setting are displayed in the bottom of the report page
  • You can sort the solutions in the report using the Sort by control.
  • You can add or remove solutions from a report via the Solution List using the context menu.
  • You can remove a solution from the report by clicking  (do not confuse with wich removes the solution from report and deletes from the Solution List)
  • When deleting a solution from the list, it is deleted from the report as well.
  • You can add/remove all solutions at once. To do so, in the Solution List, click the arrow  to the right of  or , then from the displayed menu, select Add All Solutions to Solutions Report or Remove All Solutions from Solutions Report correspondingly.
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