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The reports are accessible via the right panel.

Standard report opens a special panel to view the report within HPOxygen. The remaining options imply the usage of external programs and are grouped under the Export section, which includes:

See the corresponding sections for more details.

Report Folders and Files

For most reports, paths and file names are the following:


 Show me example for Polish Reports...

Polish Reports. Now when you click on the right panel, the Polish Report, then, in the Report templates section,

  • click the Open RTF tab, select the template and run the report, the generated RTF file will be automatically saved as:
    ...\Documents\OctoNus Software\Polish Reports\RTF\Project Name\XXXX\XXXX-Project Name-report.rtf

For example, if you run Polish report 3 times for the "Oval_blocked_001_ver2.oxgz", you will obtain:

  • If you select the Open HTML tab:
    ...\Documents\OctoNus Software\Polish Reports\HTML\Project Name\XXXX\files of the report .

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