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The Standard report is a special kind of report. Unlike other reports, it does not rely on external programs for viewing and opens up in a special panel within HP Carbon.

To display the Standard report, press Standard Report on the right panel.

The Standard report contains the GIA grades and parameter values rounded by common rules. The values rounded according to GIA rules will be added in the future versions.

Groups of parameters are color-coded for easier reading.

Cutting type, template, and precision for the report may be selected (press   near the top of page if the selectors are hidden). The templates are HTML files stored at %USERPROFILE%\OctoNus Software\StandardReportTemplates. By copying and editing the existing files, you may create custom templates, containing the parameters of your choice, with any formatting and even interactive elements.

Fields with maximum/minimum values of certain parameters are made clickable. Clicking on a field highlights the corresponding facet on the 3D model (either in Model or Photo view mode) so as to reveal the location where the extremal value is reached.

Photo view modeModel view mode

Displaying Grades for Cushion

In the Standard Report, the grades for the Cushion cutting are displayed, including separately for Absolute and Relative parts of appraisers. This is available for the following appraisers:

  • CushionRectangular_Opt
  • CushionSquare_Opt
  • MyAnyCutOpt appraisers

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