The Allow Girdle Extra Facets option of the "SmartRecut (Brilliant, Oval)" algorithm allows enlarging the mass of the solutions by producing the extra facets if possible.

Detailed information about GirdleCrownExtraFacets and GirdlePavilionExtraFacets parameters affecting how the Allow Girdle Extra Facets option works, is presented on the Girdle Extra Facets page.

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Latest Changes and Upgrades

From version 1.0.2 - Mechanism Improvement

The mechanism of how the girdle extra facets are created is improved. The change is how the position of the extra facet is defined. The improved extra facet positioning function allows getting solutions with the larger mass.

Sample Project

Project: ef_101ct_test.ox2z, profile profile_test.txt.

Note Within the project:

  • Gold Star - represents solution obtained manually
  • No Flag - initial Recut solution
  • Red Flag - solution obtained by Smart Recut with an old Extra Facet mechanism
  • Green Flag - solution obtained by Smart Recut with a new Extra Facet mechanism

RecutOld MechanismNew Mechanism
Mass, ct0.96231.00571.0110
Front Side

The old mechanism produces the extra facet of the lower size on the front side.

No extra facet here. The better extra facet is created on the back side.

Back Side

The general limitation for number of extra facets will be 1.

In this example, an old mechanism does not see any potential for the extra facet creation on the back side.

Extra facet providing more mass increase is created on the back side.

From HP Oxygen version 4.8.20 - Improved Functioning  for Larger Mass for VG Grades

In HP Oxygen (predecessor of HP Carbon) version 4.8.20 the extra facet option functioning has been improved. The description of the improvement, as well as the general description of the option usage, is presented in the video:

Video | Smart Recut Algorithm - Improved Usage of Extra Facets
Last Updated:2019, April 8v.2.5

Video summary:

  • The Allow Girdle Extra Facets option of “13. SmartRecut (Brilliant, Oval)” algorithm

  • Before version 4.8.20: sometimes for the rough stones extra facets were not created in spite of the Allow Girdle Extra Facets option selected

  • Starting from version 4.8.20: if the creation of girdle extra facets is possible and the Allow Girdle Extra Facets option is selected, they will be always created

  • Result: we obtain the maximum mass caused by using the girdle extra facets

  • An appraiser controls limitations for the quantity of allowed girdle extra facets by the GirdleCrownExtraFacets and GirdlePavilionExtraFacets parameters

Video keywords: girdle extra facets, smart recut, allow girdle extra facets, rough stones, GirdleCrownExtraFacets, GirdlePavilionExtraFacets
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2018.12.25 - HPOxygen Server 4.8.20

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