Video | Upload to Cutwise - Polished Diamond Data
Published:2020, June 5Last Updated: 2020, June 5v.1.2

Video summary:

  • You can quickly share via the Internet your stone information using an integration of HP Carbon, DiBox 2.0, and Cutwise OctoNus products

  • Upload information collected with HP Carbon and DiBox 2.0 to Cutwise online service

  • Send data in either order - Cutwise will consolidate them to form the full-data representation of your stone online

  • In Cutwise, your product will contain photos and videos from DiBox and information from HP Carbon: main stone parameters, advanced reports with images, I3D report, HTML report, DMC file

  • In Cutwise, share with whom you need to make your product information available around the globe 24/7

Video keywords: Cutwise, DiBox, DMC, HP Carbon, HTML, I3D, images, integration, online, parameters, reports, share, upload, videos

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