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New shortcuts were added:

  • Ctrl + S initiates scanning (similar to HP Pacor). Earlier function of this shortcut as "Save file" is passed on to Ctrl + Shift + S.
  • Ctrl + F9 toggles the pump on/off (similar to HP Pacor).

  • F12 toggles between Model and Scanner views (functionally similar to HP Pacor, where the same shortcut toggles the camera on/off).

Default Stone ID

  • General settings now contain a check box named Automatically generate default Stone ID for new scans. If unchecked, it renders the default Stone ID blank.


  • Freezing upon scanning, when custom precision was set to more than 1200 photos, is fixed.
  • Behavior of the holder check dialog upon pressing Enter (it would close the popup window without initiating the holder check) is fixed.
  • Fixed a bug which caused incorrect rebuild of some models based on shadow contours imported from MMD files.
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