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Speed up

Scanning is speeded up. This is especially noticeable at scan modes that require many additional contours. Below are the averaged scan times for two stones. The measurements were made on HP 17D with HP-1 board. Acceleration line in HPODrivers.ini was turned off.

Round brilliant


HPP 5.6.91HPO 3.22.1HPO 3.22.12
Quick / 1008.09.48.5
Optimum / 20014.515.814.5
Accuracy / 40023.925.525.7
High Accuracy / 80046.748.747.8



HPP 5.6.91HPO 3.22.1HPO 3.22.12
Quick / 10010.414.211.0
Optimum / 20021.524.418.5
Accuracy / 40031.233.528.8
High Accuracy / 80052.455.051.1

Edge adjustment

  • Add edges with high precision produces an edge located as close as possible to the user's input;
  • Add edges with low precision treats the user's input as a vague hint, so the resulting refined edge may appear some distance away.
Before refinement 

After refinement (high precision)

After refinement (low precision)


Note the light-green added edge.Note the refined model (cyan contours) laid over the original model (dark-green contours with light-green added edge).

 Model used: Add_edge_hard_soft.oxgz .

Note that in both cases the refinement still can affect multiple other edges, not necessarily limited to the affected facet.


  1. Appraiser title is made visible in a tooltip upon hovering the mouse cursor over the list of solutions.

    Previously there was no way to know the appraiser when opening an old file with recut solutions.

  2. Shortcuts configuration window would not allow to assign a shortcut which is already assigned to another command.


Settings for automatic actions now include the selection of label report template.

Previously the option of using custom label report templates was limited to manual generation of the label report via the right panel, and did not extend to automatic actions.


Step size control is added to the Parameters panel (unlocked mode).

The control has five positions corresponding to the following step sizes:


Step size
1 (fine)
5 (rough)101100.1

To view the parameter panel, run Recut, select any solution, and click ViewShow parameters panel.

Unlocking the Parameters panel is not recommended. Once the parameters have been changed manually, it is no longer guaranteed that the solution fits inside the existing stone.


  1. Highlighting of facets for selection of minimum and maximum Crown height and Pavilion height in the Standard Report is temporarily switched off.
  2. Bug that occasionally caused recut solutions of the Semicut (final) algorithm to turn upside down is fixed.



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