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The comparison instrument has second important functionality. You can obtain information about distance between two models if you click the right mouse button on the compared model (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 Distance pinpoint with text description

Аfter you click on the compared model you can see a red pinpoint at the point of intersection. Next to the pinpoint you can see the text with signed distance from the reference model. To turn off the distance pinpoint displaying you can click at empty space on the active view. If you use "Interchange" functionality new intersection point will be reconstructed at the same window point on the new compared model. Inverse case of Figure 1 displayed on Figure 2.

Figure 2 New distance pinpoint at the same window intersection point after interchanging models

Note: The pinpoint is not precisely located on the intersected side of the compared model. It is done specially to avoid hiding the pinpoint by adjacent model side.

Figure 3 Distance pinpoint hovers over the intersected side of the compared model

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