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  1. Download and install program: Dropbox (OctoNus)\Download\OSV\dm-osv-setup-ver-4.3.0-Beta7.exe
  2. Download data from: Dropbox (OctoNus)\GIA_Project-2016\Presentations\2016-08-15-tomography-demo\  NOTE: Do not forget to download images too, because they contain a new recognized basis.
  3. Open OSV 4.3.0 Beta7
  4. Open file project via File->Open project...
  5. Select one of the projects from data folder:
    1. Data plotted by 4 photosets simultaneously are named like SL+Black_PaperPRJ-4-sets.msaprj
    2. Data plotted by 1 photoset are named like SL+Black_PaperPRJ-1-set.msaprj
  6. Double-click on model in Services list:
  7. The data will be opened in a tab. Then let's tune the right renderer on the right panel - select Model+precise inclusions:
  8. To tune the RI and inclusion color and refractions count, select the layer of inclusions on the right panel:
  9. Tune RI to 1.68, inclision color (click on red panel and pick color), the number of reflection count
  10. Enable Stereo and Full screen.
  11. To show/hide inclusions click on this checkbox:

For reflection count = 0:

For reflection count = 1:


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