Here you can find information about what is new in Helium Rough/Pacor Client 7.3.3.

This version is available for download from the Octonus official web site.

On this page:

Culet form marking - extended lines

The lines used for culet form marking now can be extended up to the girdle. To switch to the mode with extended lines, set Line to "Wide culet form":

Old ModeNew Mode

Note that the old "Culet form" mode also stays available.

Fixed problems and improvements

The following fixes for the known problems and improvements are implemented:

  • There were anomalies in the culet form lines - now the problem causing these problems was fixed.

  • Building models did not work correctly for polished diamonds - now this problem is fixed.
  • Inclusions saved in a Helium Rough/Pacor Client project (OX2Z) were incorrectly editable when opening in other software (MBox, HP Carbon) - now this problem is fixed, inclusions are not editable which is the right behavior.
  • Inclusions actually outside the allocated diamond were mistakingly visualized as located inside the model - now this problem is fixed.
  • Boundary planes were not imported from the earlier models during Recognition - now this problem is fixed.
  • Sandwich inclusions saved in a Helium Rough/Pacor Client project (OX2Z) were not displayed in HP Carbon - now this problem is fixed.
  • Laser mapping slowdown in 7.2.X comparing to 6.0.X was fixed.
  • Not working Find Next Diamond operation is fixed.
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