This group of settings is related to the automatic actions that may or may not be performed after scanning (see Scanning ).

Settings are available on Settings > General Settings > Automatic Actions section. Settings ar split into two tabs:

On this page:

Post-scan Actions

 OptionMeaningDefault state
Align first facet to doorAligns the real stone so that the model's first facet is turned to the door, in order to facilitate marking.Off
Generate reports

Generates the selected reports. Note that this setting is made for each cutting type separately. For each selected report, select the template, color, and action (wherever applicable).

The choice of possible actions depends on the report type:

  • Polish reports can be either printed or opened in MS Word.
  • Export report can only be saved.
  • Label report can only be printed.
  • Standard report can only be viewed in its panel (see Standard Report ).

Post-scan Export

OptionMeaningDefault state
Full project exportExports the whole project (including the scanned model and contours) in an *.oxgz format (HPOxygen's native format). The user is prompted to choose the location for the exported file.Off

Exports the scanned model in a variety of formats (see Export model ). The user is prompted to choose the basis (Report or Scanner) and the location for the exported file.

The available formats are:

  • STL (text)
  • STL (binary)
  • DMC
  • GEM


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