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Exporting selected solution model

Export restriction

Please note that only solutions can be exported this way

To export the selected model, do one of the following:

Press the Export model button on the right panel

orright-click the model and select Export model from the context menu.

Upon pressing, you will be prompted to specify the file name, location, and basis.

The possible file formats are:

  • DMC

The possible basis options are:

  • Report (the model is oriented in the standard way, with the first facet at zero azimuth).

After you specify the necessary data, a file with the model will be saved.

Export of MME for EOS bruting machines

The system allows exporting of rough stones with recut solutions in the MME format for EOS bruting machines is enabled.

While exporting the MME file, the user is prompted to specify the girdle interpolation accuracy in mm.

If the table of the rough stone can't be determined reliably, a warning message would pop up during export:

If the table of the rough stone is not parallel to that of the brilliant, another warning message would pop up:

Post-scan automatic STL and ASCII export

You can configure the system so that after the stone scan the obtained model will be automatically exported to STL or ASCII format:

  1. Select Settings > General Settings.
  2. In the Automatic Actions section, click the Post-Scan Export tab.
  3. Enable STL textSTL binary, ASCII or all of them, and set save locations for them.
  4. Click OK.

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