You can import models into your current project.

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Importing Models from Files

To import a model:

  1. Select File > Import. The import dialog is displayed.
  2. Select file containing model to import.

  3. Click Open. The Model matching preview dialog is displayed.
  4. In the Model matching preview dialog, select matching options and then click OK. The additional model is added to the project.


    • If the selected file contains several scans, the main scan will be imported.
    • If the selected file contains solutions, all of them will be imported in addition to the main scan.

Supported Formats

List of Formats

The following formats can be imported:

  • OX2Z
  • DMX
  • ASC

DMX - Some Details

On importing DMX models (via File > Import), now the Model matching preview dialog is displayed:

Here you can do one of the following:

  • Use recognition or
  • If you do not use this option you can Center model if necessary

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