This parameter is applicable to the following cuts: Round Brilliant, Oval, AnyCut.

The SweetLine is a special parameter used for introducing combined limitations on CrownAngle and PavilionAngle. To achieve better optical performance (light return, fire, etc), CrownAngle and PavilionAngle should preferably fall within a certain area which can't be adequately modeled by setting independent bounds on these two parameters. SweetLine is intended to address this issue.



For Round Brilliant, Oval:

SweetLine,° = PavilionAngle,° - PavilionAngle,° (OL)


  • PavilionAngle,° - Avg (average) value for the model is used
  • PavilionAngle,° (OL) is PavilionAngle,° of the point on the SweetLine Axis, that has the same CrownAngle,°
  • CrownAngle,° - Avg (average) value for the model is used
  • SweetLine Axis is the line with negative slope 1:6 passing through the point with CrownAngle = 34.5 and PavilionAngle = 40.75
  • Negative slope 1:6 means "each 6° increase of CrownAnge is 1° decrease of PavilionAngle


For AnyCut:

As there are multi-tier cuts, their angles are all different and the angles of some specific facets do not matter, therefore in the SweetLine calculation, the CrownHeght and PavilionHeigth are used.

For each of the Client Cuttings, you can specify a unique SweetLine Axis slope using allocation forms of the cutting as described here.


Usage and Examples

For a detailed description of how the SweetLine parameter can be used for getting optimal solutions, see Using SweetLine page.


Reported inSectionValuesUnitsBookmarksName in Reports


NASingle value°



Visualization in Appraisers

ValueUnitsBookmarkTabParameter NameComment
Single value°NACutSweetLineAppraisers for Round Brilliant, Oval.
Single value

MyAnyCutAbsolute Cut

MyAnyCutRelative Cut


Composite appraisers:

  • MyAnyCutOpt | MyAnyCut
  • CushionSquare_Opt |  CushionSquare
  • CushionRectangular_Opt |  CushionRectangular 
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