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Optical symmetry

The parameter Optical Symmetry which was previously added as beta version, is now released. It allows to estimate solution on the base of it's optical performance. The value of optical symmetry is calculated automatically and is shown for all models in Plans&Scans tab in Allocation solutions panel in  Recut mode:

The higher value - the higher optical symmetry. Operator can take into account this parameter and its value during choose of final plan.

The parameter Optical Symmetry is calculated on the base of lighting ASET DiBox2.0 (for calculation panorama from DiBox 2.0 is used) which is also available now in menu Lighting by right click on scene with photoreal image in Photoreal mode:

New parameters in SmartRecut for Oval: Global LowerGirdleLength and Local LowerGirdleLength

New parameters Global LowerGirdleLength (Symm) and Local LowerGirdleLength (Symm) are added.

These new parameters allow to control symmetry of Oval cuttings more precise and strict, help to get solution with Oval with better optical performance.

Early only parameter Global LowerGirdleDepth and it's deviation was used in Smart Recut, since this version we have added new 2 parameters:

Global LowerGirdleLength (Symm) - maximal difference between all values of LowerGirdleLength.

Local LowerGirdleLength (Symm) - maximal difference between values of LowerGirdleLength for current and 2 neighbouring facets.

Note that these new parameters are not available yet in Appraiser Editor and in Reports. They will be added for management in Appraiser Editor (MyOval) in next HPO version.


Some improvements for Plans&Scans tab in Allocation solution panel in Recut mode:

  1. In context menu (by right click on solution) there is section for choosing of model color is available:

  2. There are thin color bars in Alloc column which indicate preset color:
  3. During selection of several solution and change of color or change of label in context menu - color or label correspondingly will be changed only for solution which is under mouse cursor:

Demo samples

Demo samples are updated - new versions of samples has "_ver2" in the end:

Oval samples are recalculated according new appraiser "MyOvalPlus|MyOvalPerformanceWare"2018-02-08 - HPOxygen Server 4.0.1#2018-02-08-HPOxygenServer4.0.1-SmartRecut-OvalGridAppraiserimplementation

All demo samples are recalculated according new GUI in panel Plans&Scans. - 2018-02-08 - HPOxygen Server 4.0.1#2018-02-08-HPOxygenServer4.0.1-GUI

Reports: improvements in shape determination for Oval vs Marquise.

There is new algorithm that distinguish difference between Oval and Maruise shape. This allows to determine Oval cutting better in some cases where in early version it was determined as Marquise.

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