NOTE: starting from this version ahmcore.dll is no longer supplied with the distributive to avoid conflicts with different Leica versions. Please copy your version of ahmcore.dll into Leica folder. By default you may take ahmcore.dll from the previous MBox installation folder.


In this version of Oxygen Server Microscope we have the follwoing new features for you:

  • Automatic detection of windows on the surface of the stone
    • 3 different algorithm presets optimized for rough/semipolish and nearly polish stones
  • New tool for manual windows markup with improved usability
  • Better quality of recommended view directions compared to our previous release
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed pear for non-convex stone models
    • Fixed an issue with dissapearing bottom panel

We have 2 short complementary videos: one with demo of improved adviser and another one with demo of automated windows detection process.

Automatic windows detection

Manually labeling all windows on the surface of the stone can be time consuming so we have implemented automatic windows detection in order to make auto adviser a faster and more usable tool. To detect windows automatically please select Live View and left click the camera image. In Windows on rough menu you can select one of 3 available options for automatic windows detection as shown on the screenshot below.

This three menu items are essentially the same windows detection algorithm fine tuned for different types of stones:

  • Auto (rough) - use this for rough stones with few windows on the surface (3-5 windows)
  • Auto (semipolish) - this option if for stones with 5-20 windows on the surface (semipolish, later stages)
  • Auto (polish) - this is for nearly polish and polish stones with lots of windows on the surface

After you have detected windows on the surface of the stone please select an inclusion you can start using adviser. Also please notice that for all projects that have zero windows for operator convinience the system will automatically find windows once when operator switches to live mode for the first time.

New manual windows markup tool

Sometimes automatic windows detection will fail to detect some windows or will label some undesired facets as windows. In such case an operator can use an improved windows markup tool to edit windows on the stone surface. To start new manual windows labeling tool please select Live View and left click the camera image. In Windows on rough select Start Markup. Now to label facet as a window you have to press Ctrl + Left click on the facet in Live View. To remove facet from the windows list you should do exactly the same. Please check complementary videos with demonstration of automatic markup/manual markup in use.  

After you have finished windows markup please go to the context menu and select Stop markup option.

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