Cooperative mode plugin now is a part of DM-OSV program and to run it, please, run DM-OSV. You'll see:

New user registration

Press 'Sign Up' button and fill all fields in an appeared form:

Then press OK and you'll be registered on cooperative mode server.

Local storage root folders

After registration you'll see the dialog with local storage root folders selection. Specify folders where the media that you want to show and discuss is placed. You can specify several folders with media:

If you are specifying folders with a lot of files such as root Dropbox folder or disk root folder, then the DM program may slow down when you are connecting to virtual room (see below).

Then press 'OK' button.

You can edit local storage root folders list at any time. To do this you should click right mouse button on 'Local Storage' and press on 'Select root folder':

Also, you can always see currently selected local storage root folders list in tooltip message on the 'Local Storage' item:


If you registered earlier, click 'Sign In' and enter your registration email and password.

Cooperative mode plugin panel

After logging in you should see cooperative mode plugin panel:

  1. Your email that is using as login.
  2. Sign out.
  3. Create virtual room with media (movie, image, 3d-model or several data layers) in a current active tab.
  4. Virtual rooms list
  5. Icon shows that somebody in this room suggests you to enter the room. This icon has tooltip that tells you who is the notification sender.
  6. Icon shows that you are connected to the room now.
  7. Connect to selected virtual room.
  8. Disconnect from selected virtual room.
  9. Take 'Guest' role in selected virtual room.
  10. Take 'Listener' role in selected virtual room.
  11. Take 'Master' role in selected virtual room.
  12. Room user list.
  13. Icon shows that user entered to room and has master role. User can see these icons only after entering the room.
  14. Field for entering users emails to add them to selected virtual room.
  15. Add specified at field (14) user to selected virtual room.

Open and share data via cooperative mode plugin

See here how to open data in OSV.

To show and discuss the data with other users you can create new virtual room with this data or add/change data in existing virtual room.

Create new virtual room

  1. Click on button (3), then fill room title field and select room color
  2. Press OK and you'll see new room in room list

Room creator automatically takes master role in the room.

Invite users to virtual room

To invite other users to a virtual room, you should:

  1. Select the room in room list (4).
  2. Type user email to field (14):
  3. Press button (15).

You should see invited user in room user list. You can also invite to room unregistered users. They will be shown in room user list in italics:

Change virtual room media file

To change media file in a virtual room, do following steps:

  1. Connect to a virtual room (see below).
  2. Take master role in this room (button (11))
  3. Delete layer with old data (see here about data layers management):
  4. Open new media (CTRL + SHIFT + 'O' or 'File > Open to layer') to this view

You should see new file in your room:

Connect to and disconnect from a virtual room


To enter to a virtual room and open its media you should do double mouse click on room name in room list (4).

An asterisk next to the name of the room shows that you is connected to the virtual room:

A tab with an opened room media will have the same color in its title as the room has. Also the tab will have a room name prefix in its title:


You can disconnect from a virtual room by two ways:

Way 1 - close the tab that associated with the room.

Way 2 - select room in room list (4) and press button (8).

Notify user to enter the virtual room

If you want that another user pays attention to the room, you can send to that user room notification.

To do this, select the virtual room and press right mouse button on target user. Then, press on "Send notification to ...".

After this, another user will see notification icon at the corresponding line in the room list (4):

Work with media in a virtual room

  • Only entered to a virtual room user with master role can change media state.
  • Only one user can have master role at any time in the virtual room.
  • Users with one of 'Listener' or 'Master' role will share their mouse cursor positions over movie or image to other online room users:

Media state now consists of:

  • for movies:
    • movie frames view mode in mono (left, right, both)
    • movie split type (mono, side-by-side, frames shift, over/under)
    • shift between frames in 'frames shift' split mode
    • enabled/disabled swapping left/right frames mode
    • enabled/disabled round (looped) mode
    • enabled/disabled half time mode
    • FPS
    • current frame index
    • on/off playing movie
    • enabled/disabled stereo mode
    • playing direction (forward/backward)
  • for 3d-models:
    • rotation
    • zoom

Delete virtual room from room list

You can remove yourself from virtual room by doing next steps:

  1. Select the room in the room list (4)
  2. Press 'Delete' key on keyboard.

The virtual room will not be removed from cooperative server. Other room users can continue work in the room.