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Software and Hardware Requirements

The software is designed to work under Windows XP/Vista/7 operating systems. 
The stereo rendering routine requires OpenGL 1.4 (or higher) or DirectX 9.0c Redist (June 2010). We recommend using at least NVIDIA GeForce 6600 graphics card with latest drivers installed. 
To play movies at a reasonable speed, we recommend at least 1 Gb of RAM.
Different stereo rendering modes require different hardware.

Red-blue glasses 

Image quality: LOW

Does not require special display devices, only red-blue glasses.

Interlaced Stereo

Image qualityMEDIUM

The Interlaced Stereo mode requires a stereo monitor supporting the interlaced stereo technology. In particular, we have tested the software with LG Cinema 3D TV , LG Cinema 3D Monitors and Zalman Trimon series.

Shutter Glasses Stereo

Image quality: HIGH

The Shutter Glasses Stereo mode requires full support of the NVIDIA 3D Vision technology (either Home or Pro). You can check the corresponding hardware and software requirements on NVIDIA website. To enable stereoscopic 3D on your system use this page.

Please note that the windowed stereo mode requires an NVIDIA Quadro graphics card. To configure stereo settings for NVIDIA Quadro read this.

Shutter glasses stereo is also supported on many 3D TVs (e.g. Samsung TV), which can be used as external display for PC via HDMI cable. To configure with NVIDIA GeForce see here, with NVIDIA Quadro use this information.