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When connecting your NVIDIA Quadro graphics card to 3D TV at the first time

Step-by-step guide

Connecting hardware

Connect your graphics card of the PC to 3D TV by HDMI cable (if it’s necessary use HDMI-to-DVI or HDMI-to-DisplayPort adapters). Please make your TV as primary display.


Installing software

 Please install latest drivers for your NVIDIA product. You can download it from here, by selecting your model of the graphics card from list:

 Settings in the NVIDIA Control Panel 

  1. Enable OpenGL windowed stereo (see: How to Enable Windowed Stereo for NVIDIA Quadro (active shutter glasses)).

  2. Enable stereoscopic 3D. NVIDIA Control Panel > Stereoscopic 3D > Set Up Stereoscopic 3D, set Enable Stereoscopic 3D check, and press Apply button.


      If after that the Setup Wizard has been started, follow the step by step instructions of the wizard.

      Usually the drivers of the Quadro graphics card include 3DTV Play software packet. If you installed all graphics drivers correctly, the configuration window will look like this:



     Note: You can buy NVIDIA 3DTV Play separately for $39.99 here.

  3. Change display resolution and refresh rate. NVIDIA Control Panel > Display > Change Resolution, select the maximum supported resolution on the HD 3D list (usually 1920x1080 – Full HD) and the maximum supported refresh rate for this screen resolution (Refresh Rate list).


Note: We recommend to use HD resolution (720p) with 60Hz refresh rate for more comfortable working with smooth screen redrawing (and not Full HD (1920p) with 24Hz).