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The following settings are located in the NVIDIA Control Panel. To open the panel you should click right mouse button on the desktop and select the appropriate option from the context menu. Also you can find it in the Control Panel.

Step-by-step guide

Enable stereoscopic 3D:

  1. Click on the Set up stereoscopic 3D (Stereoscopic 3D section from the left side);
  2. Check Enable stereoscopic 3D;
  3. Immediately after that will be started the Setup Wizard. If it does not, please run it manually by clicking on the Run Setup Wizard;
  4. Then follow the instructions of the wizard for the final stereo configuration.

Note! For this you should have 3D Vision wireless glasses which require 3D Vision USB IR emitter or monitor, notebook, or All-in-one PC with built-in 3D Vision IR emitter. Also you should install the latest NVIDIA Graphics driver with pre-connected this equipment.